Buying and selecting a dress that suits your body shape or the events on which you are going is a big deal. The selection of a dress according to the event i-e if you're going on a night party you will surely choose the fitted outfit of some sort of glamorous looking colors. Or if you are on job, I think the easiest one will be the best to wear during work, the comfy oversized one will be so relaxing outfit if you are on a day out with your friends for a trip or some causal sort of event.


Even colors matter a lot as if you want to wear an oversized dress and you are already a big person having too much weight so you should go for dark color themes. Because dark will make you look slimmer than what you are.

TMR-1c is a brand with a huge collection of oversized, casual, party wear, fitted one outfit and much more according to your choices and requirements. TMR-1c follows the treads and adds the fashion immediately to its collection making it easy for you to grab your favorite one. The tent shape, evoking nightgowns or the outfits having puffy sleeves whatever you want, you will easily be able to buy it at TMR-1c. The unspoken rule? The bigger, the better.

If you are looking for an outfit in which you want to look flawlessly perfect, then the size matters a lot. Now the trend is to go loose. It's the time to wear baggy t-shirts, slouchy coats and slightly big dresses that have been hidden in one's closets. TMR-1c is setting up the oversized clothing for this season, especially for fall and winter collections, for both men and women. Oversized clothes if worn in the right way can also look just as chic and smart as the trendy ones.

And if we have a look at the fitting styles for your outfits, whether it is A-line, drop waist, fit and flare style, sheath dress or trapeze one. All you can easily grab from our outlets or from online booking services.

Fitted outfits are the styles that are another winner for everyone. A-line dress is a kind of dress with a midsection, hips, and thighs, and draw the attention to the bust half at the same time. It is actually the most flattering Patterned outfit that is actually fitted to all body types.

We at TMR-1C have drop waist outfits which are best when they are hanging freely, as this style looks amazing on athletic, lean, and boxy shapes who don’t have many curves throughout the hip.

For the selection of a perfect dress to fit your body shape, determining where and how the waste of your dress hits you will make all the difference. Trust us!