Vintage Coat Styles, Colors And Pattern Qualities


Vintage coats have always been in style as they work for multiple purposes. During winter season vintage coats can be used for both daily and occasional use. The key to good vintage coat is two things: condition and its fitness. People mostly look for these before they buy it and think of these two things after buying the coat to complement your style.

If you have a vintage coat from your mother or grandmother’s collection than you just got lucky! You should thank them for not throwing or giving it away because you are going to wear a coat that would eventually contribute to making your outfit look attractive and beautiful.


Vintage coats have their own class and significance and they come in a variety of styles and designs for people of every age. The style of vintage coat you wear is mostly a symbol of your status and wealth. Following are the most popular styles in which winter coats come:

  • A faux fur coat makes the outfit look fancy due to its puffy lining making it extra warm and the faux fur collar coats make you cozy and warm. You can also add extra vintage pin-up style with a fur stole or faux fur wrap to be worn over the vintage coat to give a stylish look.

  • Classical tweed trench vintage coat from the 70s is a super casual style with big tortoise buttons, pockets, oversized collars, buckles at the collar and matching belt. This traditional style is evergreen for vintage fashion lovers.


Vintage coats come in a variety of colors and it is the one thing that defines the pattern and texture of your vintage coats. There are different colors to satisfy the taste of all people. From the range of shiny elevated colors to sparkling colors to nude and neutral colors. The most popular color among vintage coats is black because black is everyone’s color.

After black, the most gorgeous and most purchased color is red and brown. Burnt orange and Teal blue are the colors that make your attire elegant and enhance your appearance. Ah!! Not to forget and mark my words grey is a color that works best for every age and is most popular in demand.

Patterns qualities

There is nothing better than a vintage coat to give a finishing look to your outfit during dreary and cold weather. The texture of vintage coats is mostly wool,  Vintage coats are made with the reuse of fur or any other material and without any doubt, it’s the most unique thing you would have in your wardrobe.

Wearing the right coat suiting your personality makes you feel so many things that are polished, sophisticated, strong and fun depending upon the pattern and style. You will definitely find something from the range of patterns that goes with your liking. Some of the classical vintage coat sewing patterns are:

  • Barrel jacket
  • Straight coat
  • Noir coat
  • Slim dress
  • Cape coat
  • Classic high collar
  • Button up
  • Chic coat
  • Coat jacket
  • Wrapped coat
  • Classic coat