Ideas on how to organize your closet


Picking out the same dress for any occasion in a hurry because you either are short on time or have absolutely no idea where your liked dresses are in the situation we are no strangers to. The clutter and mess of a closet limit you to wearing the same few clothes over and over again until you practically toss your closet on your bed, making mountain piles of clothes that you don’t know what to do with. Organizing a closet has as many different ways as there are people on this earth; it has to be the personal preference of everyone. Although, there are a few generalized methods and hacks that we will talk about below that will help you make the most out of your closet space and organizing your wardrobe.  

Regular Maintenance 

The biggest factor in you never find what you are looking for when you are looking for it, is because you probably have everything tossed over each other for quite a long time. You may have had your closet organized a few months back, but couldn’t keep up with it and started tossing everything around. The biggest lie we tell ourselves while doing so is “I will remember where I kept this!” which is never really the case.  

The most important thing in having an immaculate closet is making sure you place everything in the space that you have designated for it already. This helps you in developing an organized lifestyle as it only would take an extra couple seconds to place the adding items in the like category, and much easier to find in the future. 

Keep Like Items Together 

If you are keeping your most liked clothes in a handy and reachable place in the closet, regardless of their different types, you are then limiting the use of your clothes to the bare minimum. Although it is a great idea to keep the clothes that you like in a visible place to wear frequently, you have to consider occasions as well. 

Keep the expensive and delicate clothes hanging in the vertical hanging spaces, folding thick winter clothes and towels keeping them at the top shelves, and utilizing the drawers for thin linen t-shirts, pajamas, sweat pants, and sportswear will help you choose your clothes with much ease. 

Get Rid Of The Items You Don’t Use As Often 

More often than not, your closet is filled up with clothes you barely find a use for. Every single time you set out to turn over your entire closet, you always find old clothes that you had even forgotten existed. Despite the nostalgia it brings back, it is occupying extra space in your closet that should be dedicated to the clothing additions. While organizing your closet, if you come by clothes that you would hesitate even the slightest to find an occasion for, they are to be discarded. Donating them to charity homes is always going to bring you more joy and peace knowing someone else may find a good use for them.