Dressing tips to follow in fall


When winter starts, the weather stays unpredictable, and it becomes really difficult for most of the people to decide whether they should go with the dresses they were wearing in summer or should they start wearing the new dresses. Well, in this situation, the best thing you can do is to hold on with your summer collection for some time and start adding the new fall dresses slowly. It does not mean that you must completely shift your wardrobe in the start because there would still be days when you might want to wear easy dresses as hot days will still follow you for some time.  

Weather transition:  

The transition period between two weathers is very small and therefore most people do not bother to buy new clothes for this particular time frame, and this is really a smart choice. You can simply keep on wearing the dresses of summer and can add few pieces from winter. People who want to follow the fashion trend might not be comfortable in wearing all those old dresses they were wearing in the summers. For this, you can change the pattern of wearing the old dresses to give yourself a wardrobe treat without spending much. There is a lot that you can do in this regard and in this article, we will discuss few tips which can solve your problem regarding weather transition.   

Weather transition can either be from summers to winters or from winters to summer, you can follow the basic tricks in both situations and can enjoy updating your new season clothing without doing excessive shopping.  

Things that matter:  

When you have to follow the trend of a particular season, there are certain things that matter and if you follow them correctly, you can give the impression of change without actually changing the whole dress. In this way, you would not only save much of your money but will also extend the possibilities of wearing different clothes in that small seasonal change. Following are few important things to consider:  

  • Add a winter piece to summer dresses without changing the whole dress 
  • Wear winter shoes with dresses that have shorter hemline 
  • Pick the winter print for your new dress and add it to the clothes you already have 
  • Make a combination of dark colored and light-colored dresses 
  • Pay attention on the color-you can even change the color of your handbag to do the magic!  

The phase of changing weather is short, and you should not be spending a lot of money in this phase, in fact you should make combinations of the dresses that you already have to get the best look. Above-mentioned are only few examples that you can follow to enjoy the transition phase, you can get the same result after making more possible combination of dresses that are present in your wardrobe.  

You can apply the same practice if you are travelling to a country with different weather conditions as compared to your hometown. You can enjoy the weather change by simply changing the fabric color and adding more accessories to your clothing.