Common Mistakes To Avoid While Customizing Clothes


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Customized clothes are a modern way to market your brand or company efficiently. It boosts brand propagation and circulates it everywhere without much effort. However, if there are mistakes in the customized clothes, then it would have an opposite effect obviously. This negative promotion will affect your brand or company name. in order to avoid any such mishap. Look out for the basic mistakes that people usually make when getting customized clothes.  


Misspellings are the most common mistake that you can spot on customized shirts. They would look ridiculous and bring a bad name and reputation if worn around. The whole batch will go to waste and you will have to get them done from scratch again.

Always ask for a sample shirt before getting the whole batch done, to see if there is any mistake or any other alteration needed. This will save you the hassle of disposing of a whole batch if there is some misprinting. You can have a look at the final design and see if it looks good enough or you need to add or change something to make it more appealing. The font size and style should be appropriate, to avoid any misunderstanding.


The design of customized clothes should be practical. It should be designed while keeping job tasks in mind. For example, marketing representatives working outdoors would look awkward in dress shirts with full sleeves and stiff collars. Take hints from the current dressing of your employees and try to come up with something that will work for all.  

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Dressing of employees is very important for the image of the company or brand. It should be comfortable and professional. An ill-fitting uniform is not just uncomfortable and a hassle to wear, but also affects the productivity of the employees.

When customizing clothes for employees, keep in mind their job nature and the material you are choosing. According to the design, each employee is going to have a different size than others. A good idea would be to let each employee try a few sizes to see which one fits right and also looks good, along with being comfortable. Sometimes, the size fits well but is not comfortable to work in. It is very important that it is easy to wear so that they can perform their duties well.


Sometimes going with the colors in the company logo, the design doesn’t look good. Choosing the right color for the base to print the logo on is very important. Dress shirts that employees have to wear indoors better use in lighter tones; while outdoor jobs call for somewhat darker shades that won’t soil easily. Similarly, the base color should complement the colors the logo carries. 

Having a sample delivered, before the whole batch, is again recommended, to see if the actual colors look as good as they seemed on the design screen. The colors of the fabrics may vary from the same color in threads that are used for embroidery or other designing. Similarly, the paints are glossy than plain fabrics and bring along a different feel.