Care Instructions For Customized T-shirts


Customized t-shirts always mean more than normal ones because you have a personal connection with them. This is why everyone wants their customized t-shirts to last longer. You must have seen the bad effects of continuous washing and drying on your printed tees.

To prevent your t-shirts from fading, smearing and tearing, you have to take care of them a little delicately. There are some special instructions to follow; there are no hard and fast rules or rocket science to take care of your favorite shirts, just some tips to follow to give your favorite clothes a longer life.


Keep in mind the following tips to prevent your customized shirts from damage while washing:

Turn your shirt:

Always turn your shirt inside out while throwing it in a washing machine to avoid the print getting in contact with other clothes. Also, it will prevent the direct effects of chemicals.

Laundry Detergent:

Always use mild laundry detergent for your customized shirts. Heavy chemicals or bleaches are a big NO! Those chemicals can deliberately ruin the printing and even damage the fabric. Strong detergents can damage the fabric making it weak and more vulnerable to tearing.

Shorter spins:

Try to wash your customized t-shirts in single or shorter spins; long spins are not recommended.

Separate the colors:

It is always better to separate the dark and light colors before washing and to wash them separately. It is good to avoid getting the color stains of different clothes. Because some of the colors of fabric washout, especially darker colors, and they can stain the other clothes.


Set the temperature of water to normal or cold. Use low-temperature settings to avoid the ink getting off the shirt.

Wash with hands:

This is optional but a very good way to avoid damage that a washing machine can cause. Washing your clothes with hands gives them a longer life.


Inside out:

Always turn your clothes inside out while drying your clothes. Be it in a tumble dryer or under sun; it helps in saving the colors from fading.


Keep your tumble dry on low settings. High settings give harder spins that can damage the fabric and make it weaker. Also, there are no risks of tearing the clothes at low settings.

Air dry:

It is better to just pick the old-fashioned way and hang it to dry. Try to hang it in shadowed place. It takes longer, but it is safer than tumble dry.


Avoid direct ironing:

Don’t put the iron on the printing directly; it can cause the printing to stick to hot iron, and the printing will come off the shirt.

Turn the shirt:

It’s better to turn your shirt inside out before ironing. Then do a loose handed iron from the front side.


Avoid high temperature. Keep the iron on medium temperature while ironing; it will avoid the risks of burning the cloth.

Follow the above instructions can elongate the life of your customized shirts.