Are Wool Tweed Oversized T-Shirts Trending These Days?


Tweed is one of those wool patterned old fabrics, everyone knows. It’s an old fashioned Scottish and Irish style noble and impressive woolen cloth, trendier in menswear. Tweed originated in the 18th century, also known as twill and tweel. It’s a dense woolen, warm, wind and water-resistant and breathable cloth. These woolen threads are made of thick and full of un-straightened fibers of carded wool. It is warm and flexible but not smooth. It carries striking colors and sober textures. In the fashion industry, it is still 21st century functional, distinctive, classy and more versatile.

Types of Tweed:

Tweed is a perfect material for a modern fella. It is practical, can be worn up or down, and from almost formal to definitely causal. It’s one of the most diverse and beautiful spongy feel fabrics due to its different colors and vibrant patterns.  

There are a few trendy types:

  • Harris Tweed
  • Donegal Tweed
  • Saxony Tweed
  • Herringbone Tweed
  • Shetland Tweed
  • Barleycorn Tweed
  • Cheviot Tweed
  • Overcheck Twill

Two best-known varieties are Harris and Donegal tweed, theoretically defined by their origins as Harris from Scotland and Donegal from Ireland.

Harris Tweed is more reliable because its traditional roughness and open texture make it spongy and naturally flexible. This woven often comes up to 12 colored yarns. While Donegal is usually referred to as the streaked pattern of original Irish tweed.

Wool-tweed Trends:  

Tweed is slowly becoming more popular in its own trends and fashion. Brighter colors such as brown, pale greens, blues, and greys are in high demand.

People tend to choose fitted clothes to look slim, but the latest trends are quite different. There is a class of young generation who prefer baggy, oversized, loose fit shirts. Oversize fashion is trending this season as people are looking for something comfortable and functional as well. Because if you wear any trend or fashion right way, doesn’t matter if it’s a loose/baggy it looks the same trendy.

You must be wondering how and why the oversized clothing looks becoming so popular. This trend combines comfort and street style and to be honest, we have absolutely fallen in love with this trend. The real beauty of this oversize fashion trend is that it is breaking all style rules and the new generation is happy to break those rules. The only purpose to break this fashion rule is to make a standout look, creating an excellent mix with tomboy and feminine touches. There must be some other ways to make a supersize and stylish look, but the best way to commence your experiments with oversized fashion is to start with an oversized t-shirt.

So, there is one rule to wear these oversized shirts that you must choose slim tights, jeggings, jeans or pants with it. if you want to master this trend, you’ll have to get the right balance while choosing what to wear with it. Do not forget to check out some trendy street style, oversized shirts for men and women from TMR 1C. we have introduced a variety of wool-tweed oversize shirts in different patterns and vibrant color combinations.