Appealing Jacket Ideas for Winter Wear


Winters are here. The season of dry skin has set in again. Shorter days, longer nights and warm coffee cups. One must completely reorganize their wardrobes in order to fit in with the winter season style. Every winter wardrobe is consisting of some classy and trending jackets to protect one's body from extreme cold. But jackets from TMR-1C do not spoil the overall appearance of a person.

Fashion consciousness is increasing among women and men, all over the world. Everyone wants to be dressed well every season! Fashionable winter jackets from TMR-1C are immensely in demand in modern times. But this certainly does not mean that people neglect the comfort aspect. Modern human beings want fashion and comfortability side by side.

Which one you’ll choose this winter?

  1. The Aviator Jacket:

The aviator jacket is never out of style. Also known as military jacket was first worn by pilots. The defining trait of this type of jacket purely leather and metal accents and it is forever stylish with its retro charm.

  1. The Bomber Jacket:

Another theme influenced type by armed forces. Bomber jackets trend peaked in 2017. The classic jacket comes in a variety of fabric e.g. leather, wool, suede, wool, nylon, polyester and typically characterized by ribbed cuffs and border, a front zip closure, and a well-defined neckline by style. It can be used on many occasions.  

The Puffer Jacket:

A puffer jacket is a quilted, padded jacket; it is also known as a down jacket. This particular type is water-resistant and designed to keep you warm at colder temperatures.

  1. The Parka or Anorak Jacket:

The parka is a type of jacket with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur. There has not been much innovation or imagination some are hooded pullovers, some have quarter zips, and others, equipped with full-length zippers. You can find a good one for a pretty affordable price.

  1. The Poncho:

Some existential thoughts are that poncho is not a jacket. Its looks like a wrap cape that you wear over a dress. Poncho is closely linked to the Mexican culture, it is an outer garment, made from a woolen material designed to keep the body warm.

  1. The Teddy Jacket:

The teddy jacket is known as oversized jacket with pockets. It usually comes in lovely warm colors and with super cozy removable hoods. Traditionally it comes in a more cropped shape and the surface is soft, furry and warm. The new longer designs have now introduced so you can wrap yourself from head to toe in the coldest winters.

  1. The Trucker Jacket:

A famous style of jacket but not always denim as you might be visualizing a denim jacket. A tailored cut slim jacket with buttons at sleeves front and pocket. Latest trends and types available in market are made of Denim, traditional cotton, Nylon, water repellent polyester and waxed canvas.

To live your best trendy winter this year, these appealing jacket ideas from TMR-1C are a must. Buying a good jacket should be a one-time investment, hence, it needs to be of good quality so that it lasts you a long time.