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Vintage Style Women’s Clothing Guide

Are you looking for a new look this year? Do you need some style inspirations for creating the perfect vintage outfit? TMR-1C is offering its latest amazing collection and vintage shirt dresses in navy tartan has been a hit with beautiful designs. You can also pair the lovely winter dresses with cozy cardigans and some vintage to complete the gorgeous look. Every girl needs to know the best vintage fashion. There are numerous hunting grounds for those who want to have a clothing guide. If you are a fan of unique accessories or some vintage clothing, you can easily find online on our website. Vintage clothing as a fashion: Basically, the trend of vintage clothing as a fashion exploded in...


Care Instructions For Customized T-shirts

Customized t-shirts always mean more than normal ones because you have a personal connection with them. This is why everyone wants their customized t-shirts to last longer. You must have seen the bad effects of continuous washing and drying on your printed tees. To prevent your t-shirts from fading, smearing and tearing, you have to take care of them a little delicately. There are some special instructions to follow; there are no hard and fast rules or rocket science to take care of your favorite shirts, just some tips to follow to give your favorite clothes a longer life. Washing Keep in mind the following tips to prevent your customized shirts from damage while washing: Turn your shirt: Always turn...


Appealing Jacket Ideas for Winter Wear

Winters are here. The season of dry skin has set in again. Shorter days, longer nights and warm coffee cups. One must completely reorganize their wardrobes in order to fit in with the winter season style. Every winter wardrobe is consisting of some classy and trending jackets to protect one's body from extreme cold. But jackets from TMR-1C do not spoil the overall appearance of a person. Fashion consciousness is increasing among women and men, all over the world. Everyone wants to be dressed well every season! Fashionable winter jackets from TMR-1C are immensely in demand in modern times. But this certainly does not mean that people neglect the comfort aspect. Modern human beings want fashion and comfortability side by...