What To Pair With Oversized Trench Coat?


A good trendy trench coat is a timeless addition to our closet that we can wear for years. It's always fun adding more colors to your wardrobe The trendiest color of the trench coat is earth tone like camel or khaki color.

Many people say that earth tone do not suit on people with dark complexion as it can make them look not classy at all. Get ready to make any outfit look chic! Today I will show you how to style a trendy classic trench coat that can make you look marvelous.

White transition

When you are wearing a classic trench coat and you want to look classy and vigorous, you can pick a white layering piece. It will not look too obvious but it will give you a nice decent look. There is no style restriction; you can pick a white T-shirt, a white blouse or white sweaters, all are ok.

Colorful accessories

You can wear colorful clothes underneath an oversized trench coat. Usually, people wear a lot of colorful clothes that don’t look good at all. So, I prefer to wear some colorful accessories instead of colorful clothes such as colorful beret, colorful scarf or a pair of colorful shoes.

Belt it

Oversized trench coats are super trendy these years. You can go belted if you want to look classy with your oversized trench coat. Whether you wear a contrasting belt or leave it open to show off a midi dress underneath, trench coat ideas are always virtually endless. My suggestion is to go belted if you are petite. It can give you a trendy classy look.


If you want to have an unusual look with a classic trench coat, then forget to wear trousers with oversized trench coats! Dresses and skirts are a suitable combination to wear trench coats. This combination gives us a tough vibe and it helps us to build a cool and interesting look.

Show your skin

When you are wearing a classic trench coat always remember to show your skin because it makes you look more classy and vigorous. Such as choosing to roll your sleeves, lower your collar, tying up your hair or you can just show off your legs.

Color blocks

Every single color looks very different on various different skin tones. This statement is true when it comes to the mixing of various shades. For example, the black color will lose all of its attraction if we will combine it with brown and will shimmer against sky blue. However, a combination of brown and white color comes to be an ideal combination.

Ankle boots

Even if you wear denim, pants, skirts or dresses, ankle boots look so classy when you wear it with oversized trench coats. This combination of ankle boots with an oversized trench coat is suitable for many occasions from airport style to party styles. The combination of ankle boots with oversized trench coats is made in heaven. When they are styled in the same color as the oversized trench coat, the ankle boots become the part of staple and they look tremendously classy.