The Best Tone Combinations For Wool-Tweed Over Shirts


To begin with, overshirts are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Oversized clothing is becoming a must-have in closets across the nation as opposed to the previously dominating fitted clothing. What more to add to the trend than overshirts made out of wool and tweed.

To continue, wool-tweed over shirts can literally go with any pieces of clothing and come in different tone combinations. You can choose the tone combination that you want based on the outfit that you will be wearing underneath the over shirt, or you can choose some of our best tone combinations for wool-tweed over shirts. 

All-Black Tone

So, the first tone combination for wool-tweed over shirts that works very well is the simple black one. This one looks best paired with a black and white outfit or neutral outfit but will work with every outfit to add a classic and chic touch. 

Black and White Combination 

If the all-black over shirt is too plain for you, you can mix things up, with the black and white one, which looks absolutely phenomenal with a black and white outfit underneath. The black and white, and the black combination are so great because they can literally go with anything, which is perfect for you and your closet!

Black and Pink Combination

Next, you can choose the black and pink tone combination for a subtle note of elegance while still supplying tons of charm. If you think that the black and white combination is too plain or too common, you can go with this amazing combination, which is guaranteed to dazzle anyone who sees you wearing it.

You can rock this amazing overshirt with an all-black outfit underneath or even a white and black outfit. You can even match it with a baby pink shirt or outfit underneath. It doesn’t matter as long as you match it with your overshirt for the most part. 

Unconventional Combinations

Two other unconventional, but classic tone combinations are black and yellow overshirts, green and blue overshirts, and white and green overshirts. These aren’t exactly unheard of, but only the brave go for these daring looks. They are definitely one level up from the simple and neutral blacks, whites, and pinks. Try to match your outfit with these combinations and don’t forget to wear lots of lots of CONFIDENCE because you will be absolutely rocking this look!

Black and Grey Combination

Finally, an overshirt with a black and grey combination will be putting out lots of chills, relaxed, down-to-earth, and edgy vibes. This combination is so great because it will make you look relaxed and cool, with a slight edge to it. So, because of this, it is entirely your choice what route you want to go underneath this overshirt.

You can use dark colors, light colors, or even mix and match. This combination is very versatile as is most of the black and white combinations, so just keep this in mind when picking an outfit to wear underneath any of these undershirts.