How To Choose Best Color For Your Customized T-Shirts?


best t shirt colors

You always get an imagery idea in your mind for your customized shirts, but they don’t go as right in reality as you have thought. This is mostly due to the ill-assorted color combinations. Really choosing which color will go with which color aesthetically is a struggle!

If you are planning to get a t-shirt customized and get confused about which color to choose according to trend, your style, aesthetics and want to stand out, so, this blog might help you in making the right decision.

First, let’s talk about the places of colors you have to decide for!

  • Ink of Printing

This is basically the color of text or design that is printed on your customized T shirt\. You should be very careful about it.

  • The base color of the T-shirt

This is the color of your fabric or shirt on which you will get your design customized.

Avoid Incongruous colors

The colors of your ink and T-shirt shouldn’t be conflicting or ill-matched, for example, if your base color is lime yellow and you are going for a white design… Wait? Think about it again! Your design will cease to visible and hard to grab attention.

Try to use opposite colors

Try to choose opposite colors like if the color of the print is darker choose the color or design or text lighter and if the base color of your shirt is of lighter color choose a darker color for your design. This technique makes your design pop up on your shirt.

T shirts color

Color combinations that always works

Color combinations can really bring up the game of your customized T-shirts. There are several choices of color combinations that go along with each other like ketchup with fries!

  • Red and white

Be it red on white or white on red, it always looks festive and wintery and yeah cute just like Santa Ho ho!

  • Green and grey:

Green and grey look very decent and sober. But avoid the combination of dark grey and dark green.

  • Blue and white:

You can never be faulted with blue and white. It looks cool and is best for summer.

  • Yellow and Blue:

Yellow and blue is another cool combination. Just like sky and sun.

Types of Colors you can play with

Following are the types of colors you can use on your customized T-shirts:

  1. Complementary colors:

The opposite on the color wheel is called complementary colors. They do just complement each other for example Orange and blue, yellow and purple, red and green.

  1. Analogous colors:

The colors on the scale in a group are known as achromatic colors. One color and the next to that are more like an echo of it.

Mono chromatic colors:

These are different colors for example hues, tints shades, etc:

Here you can play with all these to make a perfect eye-catching print on your T-shirt and stand out. Take the aid of complementary colors and experiment with analogous and monochromatic colors.

Trending colors:

You don’t have to go with trends always… Choose what looks good on you! But if you are a person that is fond of trends you can go with black, white, maroon/red, navy and grey.

These are the most hyped colors for customized T-shirts.