Definitive Guide To Iconic Coats Through The Ages


Vintage clothing emerged in mid-19’s and since then became a fashion statement for decades. The vintage never went out of fashion and kept making a comeback often when we look back into fashion trends history.  

Vintage, since emergence has always been tagged with royalty, expensive or high-class clothing. The fact that the vintage clothing lasted for years without any damage to the fabric, always kept the bar of prices higher, and it’s understandable that why the vintage clothing is classified as expensive.

Later the clothing brands introduced a category called vintage-styled to launch affordable articles for everyone and not just the celebrities. TMR-1C has recently added some options to this category and you will find some inspiration as well to wear them well this winter season.

If you are looking for a fashion guide or useful tips to boost your wardrobe this season with some vintage-styled coats, here are some useful notes for you:

Pair up with long boots!

Vintage style coat paired up with long boots and shorts in jeans will look as classy as it could be. This could be a fit-well-with-anything kind of look, equally doable for college wear or semi-casual wear at work.

Checks, checked!

If you aren’t sure what will look better, a plain coat or lining at on your next date, go buy yourself a checked one. Check coats have been a prominent part of vintage style for ages. Pair up a nice check coat with a plain inner shirt, you will rock the look.

Mix well!

Vintage is classy yet critical wear at the same time. If not chosen well you will turn yourself into a center of attention, not for wearing a fashion statement but looking like a character from a cartoon movie. The key for wearing vintage style coats to create a classy look is to mix it well with other simpler versions of clothing articles.

Don’t overdo!

You could also do a fashion disaster by mixing a lot! Vintage style has a different class. All you need to do is to ensure one right article in your wardrobe and keep the rest simple. Do not ever try to put up all your vintage-styled clothing articles in one look.

There is much more to know and see about vintage styled coats that are in trend since ages. Follow our look book to witness these masterpieces creating a classic yet a modern sight to warm up your eyes and get ideas to dress yourself.  

Your fashion style speaks for yourself when you are wearing according to the trends of the fashion industry, vintage-styled coats will never die as a fashion statement soon so better invest some money here and buy yourself these classic pieces made out of durable fabric, available in multiple styles, sized and colors.

Here is a quick link to our recent vintage-styled coats collection and look book to finalize your next investment in wardrobe, share with your friends and family if you fell in love with these trendy and classic articles.