Pick Your Date

Tmr-1c first originate from the name of a planet. It vanishes in the sight of people shortly after it was found since it was difficult to track. That’s why NASA has given it a name of “zombie planet”

Calendar Tee acts as the introduction piece of TMR-1C. It is presented under the concept that consumers can significantly show the most critical date for the beloved ones even with the print out of the year calendar at the back of the T-shirt.  

The Truth

   Many people are not willing to express true feelings because of some reasons. However, they still want to be felt and understood.  

   Inspired by this, we combine our design and QR code together, which act as an entrance of a hidden website page that disclosed the anxiety and truth under the iceberg. Consumers could check the hidden page out by scanning the QR code on the back of the t-shirt via Snapchat or Wechat.