About Us

​TMR-1C is originated from the name of a “Zombie Planet”.  Inspired by its unique, unpredictable, undefinable and unbound characteristics, A team of Canadian Chinese Designers launched as a unisex wear label, TMR-1C in 2018.
By breaking the boundary between menswear and womenswear; casual wear and workwear; with a focus on quality materials, attention to details and every pattern of the garment; every garment carried by TMR-1C is created from the realms of fashion, illustration, graphic design by independent designers.
TMR-1C choose the quality, sustainable and environmental-friendly fabric and attention to every single detail; aim to bring the unique combination of effortless, quality and comfy fashion rather than the cliché fast fashion.
TMR-1C Collections
Streetwear seamlessly evolves the needs of uniqueness, independence, and youth.
Identifying with tradition, breaking and rebuilding it to match the most authentic self.
Against constant cognition, getting rid of the regulation.
Integration of details and plainest elements to present renewal simplicity.
End of Maze
Seeking the order in disorder, getting back to one.
Be proud of design with CHN VEIN and Beyond the Edge. Peace.