The best way to carry oversized coats for females


During winters, oversized coats are without a doubt the most attractive things for females. Every girl wants to wear that oversized and long coat shown during the ramp walks but most of them do not pay attention to the factors which are crucial for the selection and proper way of wearing these coats. ‘Bag lady’ is a term used for those females who wear overcoats and large sized clothing without considering their figure and height. It is quite important to buy a coat which will best suit your physique and in addition to that you will be required to wear other things accordingly to make sure that you are looking fabulous.

Fashion sense and taste is a personal thing and the suggestions discussed in this article might wont appeal some ladies. However, you can follow these guidelines to get an idea on how to buy a proper sized coat and what to combine with that coat to get a nice and trendy look. Fashion changes every year and in order to stay with the ongoing changes, you should follow the latest news and articles about the niche.

Importance of physique:

It does not matter whether you are going to buy a wool, fur or leather coat for the chilly season. The thing that matters most is the way you proportionate and balance the overall dress. You can do this easily by selecting the right length, type and color of the coat. Before you buy the coat, you must ask yourself whether it will work for your body type or not. Luckily, oversized coats suit most of the ladies but the only condition is to follow the style statement as per your physique. It would not matter if you are pear, apple or rectangular shape. If you are adjusting it properly on your body, it will work!

Important tip:

When you are on a hunt for a new oversized coat, always start checking the size from shoulder. Some people like wearing coats which are loose from the shoulders and this might be the trendiest thing you see, however in order to stay with overall fashion, you should pay attention to the size from the shoulders. It should not be as loose from shoulders as it is from the overall length.

Factors to keep in mind:

When you are wearing long and oversized coats, it is mandatory to choose proper clothing with it. Following are some important tips which will make your experience of wearing these coats great:

  • Use a Belt: This will not only define your waist but will also bring a proportion to the overall dress
  • Pick Proper Shoes: Either wear classic heals or ankle boot. A pointed toe would add to the beauty of your overall appearance
  • Skinny Dress: When you are wearing oversized coat, you must try to wear other things skinny. For instance, wearing slim pants would best compliment the long coat.

Usually people are overwhelmed when they think of wearing oversized clothes but if you manage to combine the dress with sleek options, you can bring a balanced look and can feel comfortable in chill weather and looking trendy at the same time.